Focus on Elderly Care at Night

Posted Horizon Nursing Senior Information

Having a caregiver by the side of an elderly person at night time can make them feel comfortable as they get into bed and off to sleep. However, getting in and out of bed is one of the more dangerous times of the day for a senior. We found products that can aid you, and along with the help of a caregiver, seniors can sleep soundly.

Bed Sensors:


Elderly can become disoriented at night and may try to leave their bed. They can often trip or run into walls injuring themselves in the dark. This device can sound an alarm when they get out of bed to wake them up or can alert you when they have gotten out of bed.

Bedside Caddie:


This ladder-like tool can help an elderly person position themselves upright in bed to make it easier for them to sit up and read. This will keep them from falling out of bed when reaching for a book or water on the side table.

Adjustable Bed Rail:


Most incidents happen when they are sleeping and fall out of bed. Adjustable bed rails can prevent this from occurring and will make monitoring the patient easier for the caregiver.

Slipper Socks:


Keep their feet warm and help them feel secure when they get out of bed in the morning or are heading to be at night.