How to Age Gracefully

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pcLately we’ve noticed many articles and websites that reinforce the mantra of “aging gracefully”. At Horizon Nursing Services we strive to assist the elderly in maintaining their independence by keeping seniors in their home and mobile for as long as possible. However, with people living longer and the aging baby boomer population many have been questioning how can we continue to age with finesse?

A new website called, sponsored by Pfizer, asks you how you feel about getting old. The options range from optimistic and prepared to angry and uneasy. Once you give your response the site provides a statistic about how many other people share your sentiment. Then you give your age and sex and shows you stories of others that are getting old.

The story of Sarasota resident, Yvonne Dollard, caught our eye. At 90-years old she proudly states, “I am the oldest person at my gym.” Yvonne works out four to five times and week and even has a personal trainer. She walks on the treadmill for 30 minutes and does resistant training as well. As she ages she says it is harder to remember what to do at each machine but her trainer helps her. He also encourages her to do balancing exercise which is a problem for most people her age. Yvonne’s positive attitude and cheerful story is one that can motivate any person to exercise.

Exercising just scratches the surface of how you can strive to age with elegance. Log onto to learn more.

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