Love Your Bones: How to Prevent Joint Pain

Posted Horizon Nursing Senior Information

Approximately one out of every three Americans reported joint pain within thirty days, says a national survey. With that statistic being so high we felt that it was important to highlight the start of Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week.

Many of the clients that we care for also report joint pain. While bone and joint deterioration aren’t always within our control the most important tool in prevention is a healthy and active lifestyle according to the Center for Aging and Population Health, at the University of Pittsburgh.

Maintaining your weight and strength training will help you strengthen your muscles in turn keeping your bones stronger. Stretching after exercise is also important in this process.

We all know consuming calcium is also important in maintaining healthy bones. Did you know that the recommended level of calcium is 1200 mg a day? That’s a lot of milk. Adding supplements to your diet can help you intake the recommended dosage.

If you already experience joint pain, exercise or physical therapy may benefit you by strengthening your muscles and increasing your range of motion. Of course these exercises should be low impact to decrease further risk of injury to the body. If you feel that you need additional help in preserving your independence because of pain caused by joint discomfort then give Horizon Nursing Services a call.

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