Do you or your loved one have a scheduled procedure that will require a hospital stay?

Consider how frightening and lonely a hospital stay can be for a senior that isn’t accustomed to being around strangers. Having a private caregiver can help minimize the anxiety associated with hospitalization.

Seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Hospitals typically are not able to provide one-on-one care to their patients. This leaves patients especially those with dementia unable to seek assistance when they need it leaving them frustrated, feeling alone and often frightened.

Sometimes it can take a while before the nurse is able to respond to your loved one after pushing the call button. Sometimes during an illness or after surgery your loved one may not be able to push the call button for assistance in their time of need.

Get Peace of Mind with a Hospital Sitter

At Horizon Nursing Services, we understand how frustrating, exhausting and sometimes even impossible it is to be at the hospital 24/7 with a loved one. A Hospital Sitter/Companion can be the relief needed so you can take care of work and family responsibilities.

When seniors are admitted to the hospital it is often difficult for their family members. The need to take time off work or to be away from family responsibilities can make your loved one vulnerable. Many seniors in our area don’t have family members that live close by. When illness or surgery forces them into the hospital you can count on us to assist your loved one. We will refer a caregiver who can be an advocate for your loved one and facilitate communication between you and the hospital staff.

Assistance With Meals And Feeding

Horizon Nursing Services Hospital Sitter can assist your loved one with all meals by making sure they eat when meals are delivered.

Medications can have many side effects including dry mouth, bad taste, decreased appetite or sedation. Any of these side effects can contribute to a meal to be missed.

Hospital Sitter

Our hospital sitter will prepare your loved one for the meal by providing oral care, placing them in correct body alignment and providing encouragement along with physical assistance with all meals. Maintaining good nutrition and staying hydrated will speed up recovery time and get the patient home faster.

Providing Companionship

Having a Hospital Sitter to read and talk to your loved one can help to keep their mind off their pain. This can enhance patient’s mood during this difficult time. Having companionship can have a positive impact on their recovery.

Keeping the patient entertained with crafts, games or reading to them can help lift their spirits and pass the time more quickly until they are discharged.

Supervising Patient (Fall Precaution)

Ensuring the patient stays in bed and IV’s remain in place so that they remain safe from injury is of utmost importance. Falls can occur at anytime but especially when patients are weak, confused or disoriented.

Maintaining your loved one’s safety is our primary concern. A fall can significantly impact recovery time so let’s do all we can to keep your loved one safe during their hospital stay.

Seeking Nurse Help When Needed

Nurses are sometimes busy with patients and are not able to respond to the call button immediately, this is when a Hospital Sitter is the perfect solution.

When your loved one is in need or is experiencing pain, a hospital sitter can assist them in getting medical attention in a timely manner. Let your privately hired caregiver advocate for your loved one in their time of need.

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