Deciding on the amount of care is often determined by what you can afford

Long Term care insurance can be a valuable asset to seniors in the event of a fall or illness that prompts surgery or a prolonged recovery period. It is difficult to determine how much care a senior can afford unless they know what their long term care insurance policy covers.
At Horizon Nursing Services we work diligently with your Insurance Company to get you the most from your policy. Working closely with clients and family members on services that offer the most help in any given situation is done on an individual basis, designed to save you money and frustration.

Not all polices are the same – we can help you with contacting your insurance company for details

Please keep in mind that not all long-term insurance policies are the same, so be sure you know the details of the policy you are purchasing, for example:

  • Some policies cover nursing home, assisted living or in-home care while others cover specific types of long term care.
  • Some policy premiums increase over time and are sometimes based on the number of years for which the policy is purchased.
  • There are some policies in which the premiums are waived while the policy is in use.
  • Make sure you know your daily allowance or what percentage of the daily costs your policy will cover.
  • Please know the eligibility requirements that you have to meet in order to use your policy. Most policies have criteria of policy holder needing hands on assistance with two or more activities of daily living.
  • Elimination Period: When you purchase your policy please find out if it has an elimination period, which is a time period in which the policyholder will have to pay for their care before the policy will start paying. The longer the elimination period the lesser the premium. You can also purchase a policy with no elimination period.

The staff at Horizon Nursing Services will assist you in contacting your insurance company to verify your coverage prior to initiation of nursing care if needed. Our goal is to make sure you fully understand what your policy will pay for and if you will be responsible for any out of pocket payments. We will accept an assignment of benefit and bill your insurance directly. Please keep in mind that submission of claims is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance company. If there are any unpaid balances by your insurance company for services rendered to you then you are ultimately responsible for those payments.

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