Caregiver Assistance with ADL’s – Activities Associated with Daily Living

ADL’s are bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation and feeding. Our home health aides, nursing assistants and certified nursing assistants can assist you with all your ADL’s as needed.
Caregiver Assistance | Activities Associated with Daily Living | Bathing | Dressing | Toileting | Ambulation | Meal Consumption


Bathing is very important in maintaining personal hygiene. Caregivers are aware that feeling clean can be instrumental in enhancing our clients’ physical and emotional well-being. The elderly may only need supervision getting in and out of the shower to maintain safety or they may need full assistance with their bathing needs. Caregivers are trained to provide assistance with every aspect of this process from running the bath, getting in and out of the shower, utilizing grab bars safely, provide hands on assistance with bathing or providing a sponge bath.


Due to physical or cognitive deficits the elderly may need some assistance with their dressing needs. Caregivers can provide minimal assistance with dressing or can completely meet all the dressing needs of our client.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Assistance with toileting is a very personal and sensitive matter for the elderly. Caregivers are trained to provide minimal or full assistance with toileting needs while maintaining the clients’ dignity. Clients often have falls while attempting to go to the bathroom; caregivers can assist them in getting to the bathroom safely. They also provide full assistance with incontinence care while paying special attention to clients’ skin integrity and keeping sensitive areas clean and dry.

Ambulation and Transfers

Due to physical limitations, cognitive decline, illness or post-surgery ambulation and mobility can become impossible for our seniors to manage safely. Caregivers are trained to assist the elderly with transfers and mobility. They can assist them with their walker, cane or getting in and out of the wheelchair. If you or your loved one is receiving physical therapy, caregivers will coordinate with the physical therapist and assist with all prescribed exercises.

Meal Consumption

Good nutrition is an imperative part of keeping healthy. Unintentional weight loss is extremely common among our seniors. Assistance with meals is often needed when patients are recovering from surgery or an illness. Simply having the meal prepared by a caregiver may just be what the client needs. Sometimes a prescribed diet may be necessary for you or your loved one. Caregivers can provide meal preparation as needed and monitor food consumption. The elderly may not be able to feed themselves at all which would severely compromise their health. Caregivers are trained to feed clients or assist clients in feeding themselves.

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