How Can a Companion Benefit Your Loved One?

Posted Horizon Nursing Senior Information

Daily activities and tasks can become difficult and time consuming as you age. Medical conditions, such as arthritis, can cause pain and simple tasks like doing laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping can grow frustrating.

With the help of a companion a senior may be able to stay in their home longer and maintain their independence. Falling is also a concern of many seniors and their care givers but with a companion by their side they are less prone to an injury.

Companions can assist with doing laundry and light cleaning. As well, they can provide transportation and assistance with grocery shopping and other errands. Cleanliness can continue to be maintained in the household with a companions help.

Our goal at Horizon Nursing Services is to provide quality care to your loved one. Companion care can be supplied hourly or daily. Please give us a call or email to receive a free in-home assessment.

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