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X-Plane Mind Your Step Free. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite game, fire up the engines on your computer screen, and get /10409.txt


– Best Free-to-Download Flight Simulator Games for (PC & Mac)


For flight enthusiasts, this war brings air superiority to the forefront, with aircraft carriers extending the reach of air forces across entire oceans. Set during this period of aerial innovation, War Thunder offers a more action-oriented flight experience, allowing players to pilot any of hundreds of different planes for the five great powers United States, Germany, Britain, U.

The game features a few different modes, too, allowing for both hardcore simulation and relaxed, arcade-style gameplay. As such, newcomers and veteran aces will feel at home. War Thunder includes an online multiplayer component, with most battles pitting two sides of 16 players against each other. These battles often emphasize dogfighting, with the goal of reducing enemy numbers or incorporating ground-based objectives.

Players can also participate by using land vehicles, including tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles. Pilots gain points they can use to increase their stats as they complete objectives and win battles, which in turn unlocks new planes and adjusts components like vision range and G-force tolerance. The game offers planes in three broad archetypes. Fighters are agile warbirds good at dogfighting.

Attackers are somewhat slower planes with huge weapons designed to take down armored targets. Bombers are heavily armored planes with huge payloads that can wipe out clusters of ground forces. All three categories have unique strengths and weaknesses, thus victory will depend on teams using a healthy mix of the three. The game also supports cross-play, allowing PC players to compete against either Xbox One or PlayStation gamers, but not both simultaneously.

Battlefield 1 brought the First World War back into the mainstream, but it still tends to live in the shadow of its successor. Whatever the reason, people tend to overlook the Great War outside of the occasional Ernest Hemingway novel. The ace pilots of the era — like the Red Baron — were international celebrities, fighting aerial duels that became the stuff of legend.

Recognizing the gallantry of old-school dogfights, Rise of Flight puts players in the pilot seat of classic WWI planes, including the iconic Fokker DR. Official Club. See System Requirements. Available on PC. Description Time to be the real airplane pilot in this plane simulator 3D game. Show More. People also like. Truck Driver Job Free. In addition to a helpful online instructions manual, GeoFS features a map that tracks all pilots currently playing the game, so you can arrange to meet up with your friends and explore the virtual world together.

Another World War II-themed game, War Thunder features multiplayer combat as well as a casual mode for those who just want the experience of flying in a fighter jet. In addition to classic aircraft from the U. Google Earth Pro gives you the ability to virtually fly over places you might never get to see in real life. Choose between an F16 jet fighter or a SR22 airplane and pick a real-world airport to take off from to explore the globe as seen from real satellite images.

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You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. By Courtney Marchelletta Courtney Marchelletta. Courtney Marchelletta is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire. Tweet Share Email. To control flight, you can either use mouse or joystick with keyboard.

The main ways to control flight are mouse and joystick; the keyboard can only be used to pause, relaunch, and change flight views. To control flight via mouse, two control grids are available on screen.

It might be difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to it, controlling flight becomes easy. There are two airplane simulator modes available, Free-Fly and Race. In both modes, you can choose default, or select your own plane and scenery for simulation. Once you start a flight simulation, you can view wind direction, wind speed, flight duration, and other information on screen.

One of the good things about this free fight simulator is that it is lightweight and runs smoothly even on PCs with moderate graphic configuration.

Also, you can play it on your Android device. Its another simulator for gliders and RC planes that you can look into for realistic flight simulation. It is multi platform and can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although there are limited locations for simulation, you will find a good list of planes, including a helicopter and a drone. If you have a joystick, then flying a plane would be easy, but you can use your mouse as well to control flight of planes. Of course it takes time for getting used to control flight, but it is very easy.

The simulation begins as you start this software. The RC planes need to take off for flight, while glider simulation begins with an initial push. You can easily switch between locations and planes from the Options menu. You can easily change launch, wind, viewing, and other options. CRRCSim is another lightweight flight simulation software which runs pretty smoothly on computers with average configuration. It has a good collection of airplanes, ranging from commercial aircraft to fighter planes.

You can simulate flight at any of the three locations available. A simulation can be recorded and played as well. Not an easy game. Infiltrating the Airship. Park My Plane. Try your hand at being an air traffic controller as you guide planes and try not to lead them to certain death. Army Pilot. Time Squadron. Get in your plane, travel through time, and stop a nuclear war! Even if some of us may not be able to board a plane just yet, can play these games to get the feel of flying.

And, those who wished to be pilots in childhood can get their dream true through these airplane flight simulation games. All you need is a desktop computer or laptop with internet conncection for enjoying exciting adventures in far-flung places throughout the globe.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Image: Twitter. Microsoft Flight Simulator This flight simulator from Microsoft is ideal for gamers looking to fly in a wide range of settings.

Read Car Parking Multiplayer Games: Top 10 Free Simulators for Android, iOS This flight simulator has very lifelike visuals, authentic simulations of flight dynamics, and historically accurate representations of aircraft. Prepar3D This game is diametrically opposed to War Thunder. ProFlightSimulator It is considerably more of a simulation than it is a traditional video game. Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory The game provides a recreation of the aircraft and the conflicts in which they participated which is very accurate.

AeroFly FS Aerofly is a game that strives to fulfill the needs of each and every player. Conclusion So far, we have discussed 10 flight simulator games to play on pc or laptop at free of cost.