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After connecting, I could see the main user interface. It shows an object browser on the left, a list of schemas in the middle, and the object details on the right. You can create a new SQL window, which takes up most of the page. There are some handy options at the bottom of the window to allow you to easily filter or add other SQL keywords to your query.

Advanced Query Tool uses tabs across the bottom of the window to show different SQL windows and the results. The results of your query are shown in a separate tab, which allows you to see more of the results at once. The results pane also allows for dragging of a column heading to group by that column, without having to rewrite the query.

As far as the menus go, I found that they could be improved Some many items only have one or two items in them, and the Options menu has none — it just opens the Options window.

The Edit menu has a long list and I had to scroll to see all of the items. I think the structure of this could be improved. Installing DatabaseSpy was pretty easy. I received the trial license key in an email and entered it when I ran it for the first time.

When I opened DatabaseSpy, it asked me to set up a connection using a wizard. After connecting, the UI is shown. It looks like a good summary of what I might want to include in a project. Autocompletion of table names in the SQL window works well, but for some reason it adds double quotes to the table name! However, there could be a setting to change this and turn it off, or perhaps it only does it under certain circumstances.

Other than that, DatabaseSpy seems like a good tool. The Project Explorer looks useful and has some good features. The installation process for DBXpert was pretty standard. However, after installing, I got a few errors.

The user interface is then shown. There are several toolbars of buttons, which seem like too many. AN SQL window is shown at the top, and the results panel at the bottom, which is pretty standard.

The results panel shows a lot of extra tabs for messages, execution plans, and so on, which is useful. DBXpert includes several database-related features such as create objects, drop objects, compile, and analyse indexes. These make it easier to perform these functions, instead of typing the SQL manually. I had a couple of issues with DBXpert. I also could not get the code completion working automatically complete the table name.

There is a Favourites concept, where you can add your favourite files to a list. This is a handy feature. I found the use of tabs a little confusing. This causes all tabs on a connection to look the same. However, when I looked closer, within each of these tabs you can create other tabs, which represent different SQL windows or files.

This shows the filename or Untitled if it is not yet saved. There are no file management features, such as projects or a browser, other than the favourites I mentioned earlier. It seems like a good tool overall. After I installed it, I went to set up a new connection. The process was simple, but took longer than other IDEs.

These Query Pages can be navigated within a connection using a drop-down list. Queries can be written and run on the Oracle database and this works well. Inline editing is done using a wizard that generates the required SQL. The Lite version is sufficient for a free tool, but there are others that are more suitable. To set up DBEdit. Once I installed this, though, using DBEdit was pretty straight forwards. Connecting to a database has an unintuitive user interface.

I had to enter the username and passwords in separate windows, and then a third window to enter the database information. The user interface seems bare. Sure, it has an SQL editor window at the top, and results pane at the bottom.

However, it does the job. When a query is run, the results defaulted to an unlimited result set size. This was OK, given I was running on a small sample database, but this could be an issue in larger databases. This can be changed in the settings window. Nothing else. This can be a big time saver, and it has a keyboard shortcut.

This could be confusing! The results pane has a grid editor which allows you to insert, update, and delete records. You can also export to Excel or to SQL insert statements.

The connection manager in Golden was easy to use. It allows import and export of connections, colouring, and filtering the list. There were several different options for running a script, which is helpful. I found Golden to be a fast program to use. It does the job — it lets you run SQL queries and see the results. Inline editing in the results pane is simple, and the text in the results pane is clear and easy to read. No file browser, and no projects.

This would have been a helpful feature to have as it saves time when working on multiple files. It uses the same connection process and even the same connection data as Golden. After connecting, a simple editing screen is displayed. There is just an SQL editor, no results panel. It needs to be in a procedure or function or other code object for me to compile. When an error is found, it is displayed in a popup dialog box, which is a little too small.

You can also see the error in the error list at the bottom of the main window, but I feel there is no need for the popup.

There is an object browser in PLEdit, but this is just for code objects functions, procedures and not tables. It looks pretty useful. Navigating up and down the rows was a little painful. It kept in the same position as the previous line, which means I had to press Home to go to the start of the line I wanted to start at. This got annoying pretty quickly. If they were combined, they could make a pretty good tool.

This meant I had to set them up in the Administrative Tools section in Windows, which is different from Golden and PLEdit as they use basic connection strings. I prefer being able to enter the connection information straight into the tool and not have to create DSNs or other records. Similar to other Benthic tools, it lets you add connections, filter connections, import and export connections, categorise, and colour connections.

It shows the SQL at the top and results at the bottom. No side panels are showing. It still works in the same way and is easy to do. SQAll has several features missing that I think would be pretty standard for a paid product. These features are the ability to run an explain plan, an object browser, file management, and code snippets or favourites. Installing DBDeveloper was pretty fast, which makes it easy to get up and running quicker.

It was also easy to create a connection. The Explain Plan functionality is included with the tool. Also, the Explain Plan only shows the step, object, cost, and bytes. This is enough for a quick idea of the explain plan, but sometimes more information is needed.

It includes some common features, such as code complete finishing the SQL keywords for you or offering suggestions, such as table names , inline editing of results to update the database table, and SQL formatter, and several SQL formatting options that can be changed.

The display is configurable, which I found to be useful. The menu structure within DBDeveloper is unconventional, but it could be useful after you take some time to get used to it. For example, I opened Directories, or Java, or Objects, and a window opened within nothing displayed in it.

Adminer is mentioned as an alternative to phpMyAdmin. It includes a plugin feature, allowing you to add additional functionality, and several different designs. Version 4 is a lot better than version 3, but many people have problems with version 4. It has a clean looking UI and works pretty quickly. But perhaps these can be changed, or I can just get used to them. It runs on Windows and supports many databases except Oracle.

Its main claim is that it allows for many people to work on the database at once. It also supports several different databases. This can reduce the number of tools you have and reduce the time taken to get your work done. It should have everything you need as a developer to access a database. Admittedly, it is from so is a few years old. Like a few others on this list, it has a narrow focus one database and one operating system.

But this can be a good thing. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, already, it looks pretty flexible. It runs on all three major operating systems. It seems different to other IDEs here, as it allows you to develop queries and also visualise your data. They offer a low monthly or annual fee for access, like many tools in other industries. The user interface looks good and simple. Valentina Studio is an IDE available for all major operating systems and supports most databases except Oracle.

It has a standard-looking UI and seems to include quite a lot of functionality used by developers and DBAs schema editing and diagramming, reports, forms, SQL editing, administration, and utilities.

A free version is available but is quite limited. There are paid versions available which unlock the full functionality of the tool. The version number v0. However, it looks like an IDE that has quite a lot of features. The following tools were suggested in other places e. Reddit, StackOverflow, forums , but no longer exist:. Do you have any IDEs that would make a good addition to this list?

Let me know in the comments. Lastly, enter your email address below to get an expanded comparison table PDF file of all of these IDEs for easy reference.

Thanks a ton! Please let me know if i can help with any issues or just with locating stuff.. Good question! In my experience the paid tools are less buggy. I can highly recommend checking it out. DbGate is cross-platform open-source database manager.

I would like to point out that in many cases, if drivers are not included in the install packages it is often because of legal reasons. The same thing applies for example for the Oracle JRE as far as I know and it is not free for the projects to bundle it directly in the install archives.

So it is often not a personal choice of the developers not to include the drivers for free projects. This is a wonderful article. If I had read it earlier, it would have saved me so much time. I had been using Azure Data Studio on my Postgres database. The database and the table are large. Some tables have million rows. When I used Azure Data Studio to do joins on these large tables, Azure Data Studio would literally freezes or take minutes to run a queries.

I tried all sort of indexing and partitioning but nothing helped. After reading this article, I switched to DBeaver Community. The identical joins and queries take seconds. Thank you, thank you, Ben. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Also, the criteria for this list was: Must be able to write and run SQL queries. It also excludes data modelling tools and data visualisation tools. Must have a graphical user interface.

A Few Things I Noticed back to top. Free Paid. Windows Mac Linux. Toad Quest back to top. DBForge Devart back to top. DataGrip JetBrains back to top.

Aqua Data Studio Aqua Fold back to top. Database Workbench Upscene back to top. SQL Developer Oracle back to top. Table Form view was unable to show jpg images. Console window was not colored when connection coloring were set.

List index out of bounds error occurred when inserting data in Table Viewer. Unable to shrink the last column on the Process List tab in Server Monitor. Improvements: Added the “Compare owners” option in Structure Synchronization. Bug-fixes: Slow performance when editing users or roles. Floating point numbers were rounded to decimals when import.

Bug Fixes: error occurred when saving a task schedule. Syntax error occurred when updating MySQL user password. Transaction did not end after closing the table in some cases. Bug Fixes: Unable to transfer objects between different server types by drag-and-drop. Zero decimal place digits were not displayed in Table Viewer. Exported SQL file did not have table name when exporting an unsaved query.

Syntax error occurred when importing CSV files in some cases. Unable to change the Tab Width in Query Editor. Unable to edit query results when tables had alias. Procedure parameters were missing in the scripts generated by Structure Synchronization. Unknown Internal Error occurred when Automation ran. Unable to transfer tables with HEX format. Encoding issue of the exported text file. Bug Fixes: “Access Violation” error occurred when creating new connections in fresh installed Navicat.

Bug Fixes: Unable to create a query inside a group. The color of function keywords did not change according to the Font Color settings in Options. Column width did not retain after hide and show the column in Table Viewer. Unable to drag and drop a query into a group in some cases. Unable to edit query results in some cases. Unable to disable Foreign Key constraint in Data Synchronization. Crashed when dumping table to sql file in some cases. Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard.

Code completion replaced the text after caret. Exported files or reports were not attached to the notification email. Keepalive Interval setting attempted to connect continuously even the database was down.

If a query was opened, abnormal behavior happened when closing Navicat. Automation did not start when the computer was logged out. Unable to create new table with primary key settings in Import Wizard. Extra newlines were added to the SQL exported from Model. Wrong datestamp was appended to the exported files.

Slow issue when searching in Table Viewer. Unable to move functions into a group. Syntax error occurred when running query in some cases. Unable to select Enum data in query results. Exported Excel files were corrupted in some cases.

Bug Fixes: Error occurred when synchronizing structure in some cases. Replace All did not work in Table Viewer. Error occurred when running query in some cases.

Adding self-referencing table issue in Query Builder. Bug Fixes: Out of memory issue when running Data Transfer. Export Float data to csv files issue.

Syntax error occurred when synchronizing MySQL functions. Crashed when importing Excel or Text files in some cases. Opening large databases in List View took long time. Unable to show query files with “. SQL” extension in Objects tab. Print report to PDF command wrongly sent the report to printer.

Null date values were exported wrongly as “” in Excel files. Tables Viewer displayed wrong number of digits. Input parameter window did not pop up when exporting query.

High CPU usage issue. Manual refresh did not work in Server Monitor when auto-refresh was enabled. Unknown Internal Error occurred when performing Structure Synchronization.

Bug Fixes: Fixed exporting numbers to Excel issue. Fixed importing connections with Settings Location issue. Fixed ER diagram layout issue. Table groups were not synchronized to other members in Navicat Cloud. Add Index statements were generated wrongly when opening Table Designer. Unable to save function after changing parameter names. Unable to import DBF files. Identifiers panel retained when opening new query window. Access denied error occurred when transferring tables with triggers in some cases.

The Stop button in Export Wizard did not work properly. Unknown Internal Error occurred when typing in Query Editor. Bug Fixes: Structure Synchronization detected differences wrongly in some cases. Record delimiter was wrong when exporting to text file using Automation. Table Viewer moved back to the first page when refreshing a table. Characters displayed wrongly in Table Viewer. Unable to select fields when exporting to Excel file. Bug Fixes: Wrongly shown differences when synchronizing structure.

The DDL tab in Information pane did not updated after saving changes in sub forms. Unable to schedule Data Synchronization profiles. Syntax error occurred when filtering with ‘ character in Table Viewer. Compared table comments in Structure Synchronization. Input decimal separator issue in Table Viewer. Query Builder loading was slow. Custom backup file name was ignored when scheduling in Automation. Re-registration issue. Unable to create new table in Import Wizard in some cases. Bug Fixes: Table triggers was not included when backing up tables.

Navicat hanged when running a query export profile in some cases. Special characters were garbled when exporting Access files. Unknown Internal error occurred when exporting Access files. Unknown Internal error occurred when saving changes in Table Designer.

Double-quote encased text fields were split into new records when importing a record which multiple lines. Syntax error occurred when performing data transfer in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when adding multiple records in Table Viewer. Two identical functions declared as different in Structure Synchronization. On Startup: open favorite tabs automatically when Navicat launches. Code Snippet. Advanced Code Completion with better suggestions. Brand new Structure Synchronization: visually show side-by-side DDL comparison between two databases.

Brand new Data Synchronization: show particular status to distinguish the differences between records easily. New Automation: easy to find desired profiles and create automated batch jobs.

Responsiveness and performance improved. Many other new features and improvements. Bug Fixes: Error occurred when exporting with Time field type. Crashed when using Query in some cases.

Query auto-save feature did not work in some cases. Fixed the sorting issue in Table Viewer. Improvements: Support inputting tabs in the editor of Table Designer. Bug Fixes: The media keys play, pause, next etc did not work. Unable to connect MariaDB 5. Failed to transfer data in Chinese locale OS. Crashed when synchronizing model to database in some cases.

Unable to show the light coloring when the tab is non-active. Bug Fixes: The datetime field values were inconsistent in exported file.

Error occurred when logging in Navicat Cloud if profile path contained Unicode. Add members to project for sharing connection settings, queries and models. View Project Activity Log. Support Views. Enhanced Table Designer. Others Enhanced Connection Coloring. Search database object structure.

File name with appended timestamp issue in Export Wizard. SSH protocol error issue. Unable to load the virtual group settings file created by old versions of Navicat. After sorted a selected column in Table Viewer, access violation occurred when resizing column width. Improvements: Reset the field length to default value after changing the auto guessed field type in Table Designer.

Improvements: Improved the Message Log information. Unable to identify equality of trigger definitions with different system line breaks in Structure Synchronization. Unable to convert object names in Data Transfer when using Schedule. Bug Fixes: Unable to run in Windows Server Fixed the color issue in the connection tree. Wrong handling for field type BIT. Improvements: Error counting in Data Transfer’s Message Log changed from records to records and objects. Access Violation error occurred when exporting single column to Word.

Duplicated foreign key names issue in Model. Import Wizard was unable to import currency data from DBF files. Advanced settings were saved incorrectly in Data Transfer profiles. Bug Fixes: Synchronized Navicat Cloud model files even they did not have any changes.

New Features: Support to sync selected connection settings, queries, model files and virtual group information to Navicat Cloud. For more information, please visit here. Improvements: Support parameter in Report command line. Support adding shapes in Model. Added Open with External Editor feature for Query.

Added press and hold Alt key and double-click table to open Table Design. Data started with single quote issue in exported Excel file. Improvement: Query profile now support to show in server level. Crashed when loading and parsing a long incorrect syntax SQL in Query. Import Paradox not able to import data properly in Navicat 64bits. Backup not able to backup table with foreign key. Improvement: Table Viewer is now able to update a row even not all the keys are input for numeric columns.

All records are now able to show under the Fixed Width window in step 3 of Import Wizard. Connection was deleted after renamed to capitalized name.

Foreign key information with two words identifier not able to get correct correctly in Table Designer. Bug Fixes: Lose focus in Table Viewer. Function parser error. Access Violation error occurred when designing MariaDB tables with foreign keys.

Access Violation error occurred when importing invalid connections. ERegistry Exception error occurred when starting Navicat.

Wrong Date Editor frame size in Table Viewer. Stack Overflow error when running Query. Permissions issue of the Updater. Cursor was missing in Stored Procedure. Failed to create MySQL user with special characters password. Bug Fixes: Wrong handling on Integer type. Changed properties not check properly in Table Designer. Bug Fixes: Missed to mark quotation on keywords in Query Builder.

Process was unable to stop while running query in Essentials version. Failed to include auto increment column setting for floating point data types. Failed to scroll horizontally for wide content after applying Filter Wizard in Table Viewer.

Access violation occured while copying and pasting field in Table Designer. No respond from Filter Wizard in Table Viewer after execution error of filter query.

Failed to replace text with an empty string using the Find and Replace feature. Fixed the scrolling issue in docking window on secondary display. Failed to display unicode user name and organization in Navicat About box. Bug Fixes: Default value could not be kept longer than characters in Table Designer. Column width not able to be reset after showing the hidden column in Table Viewer.

Query message in status bar not updated if no result return after Run. Fixed concat string with date in Query. Access violation occured while running report in command line. Losing searched position in Memo editor after first searching or clicked into the Memo editor.

Fixed query parser error. Invalid relation cardinality not showed in red color in Data Modeling Tool. Notification email not sent with an unsaved batch job. Bug Fixes: “Access violation” error occurred while applying an existing table name on a new table in Data Modeling Tool.

Improvement: Support fractional seconds precision of time, datetime, timestamp data types for MySQL 5. The Profile tab under Query is now displayed without sorting. Support date time format T Support fractional seconds precision of time, datetime, timestamp data types for MySQL 5. Synchronize to Database function in Data Modeling Tool genarated incorrect comparison result for equivalent source and target foreign keys.

Bug Fixes: Wrong time unit ms was shown under Messages tab in Query function. Table Designer in Data Modeling Tool was unable to save newly added index and foreign key. Unable to generate sync queries for fields with auto increment and primary key in Data Modeling Tool. Bug Fixes: Minimized docked window could not restore normally. Bug Fixes: error occured when running Store Procedure.

Support Auto Increment for Integer Type. Build model with multiple schemas. New wizard “Import from Database”. New wizard “Synchronize to Database”. Search filter. Bug Fixes: Data truncated when exporting pdf file from Report Builder. Navicat got hanged while performing a search in Table Viewer.

Incorrect excel file format was exported while having data started with 0 in Export Wizard. Copy and paste was not working on index in Table Designer. Improvement: Import speed has been improved in Import Wizard. Export speed has been improved in Export Wizard. Bug Fixes: While scrolling index fields, the scrolled position could not be reflected in Table Designer. Table Designer generated incorrect SQL statement in field ordering. The comparison in columns ordering were generated incorrectly in Structure Synchronization, and Synchronize to Database in Modeler.

Crash occurred when closing Synchronize to Database in Modeler during the comparison in progress. Crash occurred while renaming table failed with server error in ER-diagram view. Data Transfer would hang in Navicat Scheduler. Improvement: Enhanced Model transformation. Improvement: Source field order is now kept in target table after running “Synchronize to Database”. Fixed-width and row delimiter were unable to retrieve from a profile in Import Wizard.

Print report to PDF file would generate a blank file. Non-latin characters with different collation columns were unable to search in “Find in Database” feature. Support table comment up to characters for MySQL 5.

Bug Fixes: Data Modeling Tool was unable to set the reference field of foreign key. Data Modeling Tool was unable to print with landscape page setting. When importing data from an URL, it failed to create a temporary file if the same temporary file was being accessed. Tables contained geometric point data was failed in Data Transfer and Data Synchronization. Restore didn’t work with the.

Connection Information could not display properly in large font size. Default value of bit field was shown incorrectly in Table Viewer. Foreign Keys is now able to be imported into Model. Spacing issue has been improved in Beautify SQL. Bug Fixes: Import from paradox file was unable to get signed short integer values.

User Privileges typo was fixed. Bug Fixes: The highlighted items from the previous searching results in Table Designer was failed to clear for the next searching. Foreign key was unable to be created in Table Designer when referencing a destination field requiring index. Default scale of 4 was applied when encountering currency data during the Import of Access file.

ER Diagram view. SQL Minifier. Database Wide Search. Added object list in Query Editor. Bug Fixes: Wrong table would be copied while running “Duplicate Table” function. Object Information was unable to be refreshed when under “List” view mode. Foreign Key Check box under Table Designer was unable to be toggled using space bar. Searching in Table Viewer would freeze when no record showed on the existing view. Bug Fixes: Scroll bar in Trigger Definition editor was missing. Object List frozen.

The size of the width in Run Result columns were too large in Stored Procedure form. Connection combo box showed wrongly in Data Synchronization. Failed to run multiple Data Synchronization at the same time. Table with identity fields was not working correctly in Data Synchronization. Improvements: Improved sorting order in Connection Tree and Object list.

Bug Fixes: Table Designer was unable to handle field insertion. Table Designer was unable to insert a field as first since Navicat modifies the second field to reference the not yet inserted field.

Table Designer now supports primary key fields ordering. Improvements: Improved the compatibility of third party plugin eg. Ultramon, Hardcopy etc. Bug Fixes: Multiple files with files delimited as ‘ ‘ were unable to be recognized during Import Wizard.

Function Designer was unable to show definition for function with certain return types. DBF character field length would be set to if table field length is 0 while exporting to DBF file.

Query Builder was unable to recognize identifier starting with numbers, e. Code Completion did not work properly with field name if tables were from different database. Exported data string to Excel file did not work properly, e. Support of geometry data type. New Privilege Manager. Enhanced User Management. Data Synchronization performance improved with new engine. Connection Coloring. Result form showed in Query Editor would be closed after a new query was run.

Imported string data as blob data incorrectly to database using Import Wizard. In Structure Synchronization, when the queries generated in the “Queries for Modification” list were too long e. Field names for some tables with special names were unable to be listed in Report Builder.

Improvements: Horizontal scrollbar is now reset to the left position after applying Beautify SQL feature. When exporting numeric data with comma as decimal seperator to access file, the numbers were displayed without the comma.

When exporting numeric data to excel file, it would be exported as string type. Sort by time could not work properly in Server Monitor. Process ID became negative value in Server Monitor. Foreign Key link position in Visual Builder were not accurate enough. Fixed “mysql. Codepage problem in Data Transfer feature.

Server Monitor would crash if being opened for a while. Beautify SQL would cause error if extra spaces existed in aggregate function. Fixed error when importig XML files from the Interent.

When exported data to Excel spreadsheet, string start with zero e. Tab order in Import Wizard was set up incorrectly. In Navicat main, copying action would not work properly after certain user actions.

When adding new field and tabbing across cloumns in Table Designer, bule hash would appear at the end of the columns. When tabbing betweem columns in Table Deisgner, some columns would be skipped.

Beautify SQL feature did not compatible with Navicat Query Parameter syntax, so that error would occur when running the parameter query.

Improvements: Improved virtual grouping rename issue – e. Bug Fixes: Access Violation error occured when exporting chart report to excel file. The font size used in Query grid was smaller than in View grid. Fixed the wrong positioning issue of main menu items. Improvements: Improved the performance for opening Table Viewer with huge amount of columns. Bug Fixes: When selecting a particular entry in an enum select box by typing the first letters of the item, the wrong value would be saved if confirmed the changes using the check mark.

When applied “Auto save” function, recover window would not launched if multiple Navicat instances started. When trying to determine if the dataset were editable in Query, error would occur if user contained privilege on View, but did not have select privilege for Table. Improvements: Better handle case sensitive of object identifier for Query Builder. Support “select Attached hot keys to the navigation bar in Table Viewer.

Toolbar would blink when toggling taskbar auto hide option. When sweithed between Query Builder ad Query Editor, “;” would be inserted into the middle of the statement. Auto-increment and character set would not be transtered during Data Transfer function. Code Folding. Parameter Tips. SQL Beautifier. Object Filter. Individual database objects backup. Unicode Character Report.

Auto save in Query, Function etc. Custom sort in Tabler Viewer. Significant Improvements made in editor and data grid searching. History Log Viewer.

Word Wrap status did not save in the Query Editor. Error dialog occured when selecting target connection in Data Transfer. Bug Fixes: Restore function could not work properly. Insert Field did not work in Table Designer. Events and Sequences could not shown under Object Selection tab in Restore form. Improvements: In step 6 of Import Wizard, Source field name would be truncated if longer than characters. Now, Navicat supports up to field name characters.

Refresh did not work for getting update data. When import text-based file using Import Wizard, Navicat was unable to get the number of columns correctly if the file did not contain field name row or there were empty lines existed before first data row.

Failed to establish SSH connection when the private key path contained unicode. When a table contained some long field names, those field names were only partialy visible or even invisible in Form View. Improvements: “Exceed package size Bug Fixes: “Property cannot be found” error occured when importing Access file with datatype that may involve decimal places info, e. BLOB data in text file was unable to import successfully.

The last field in the table would be disappeared. Bug Fixes: When applied comma as decimal seperator, Data Synchronization would cause problem. Date field was not converted correctly when exported to DBF file. Docked windows could not show in task bar under Windows 7. Email attachment in Schedule could not be sent if “Add timestamp” option was enabled in Export Wizard. Improve suggestion on target data type and provide a default precision and scale information in Import Wizard.

Support export to clipboard. Bug Fixes: When docking a console window to main window, the wheel of mouse would be no effect. Month calendar Could not fully display in some system. When exported data to MS Access, month and day values were mixed up. Slow problem while transfering data from command line. Access Violation error happened when creating new table with index. You can be the results that there are actors who are stored in the A – L table, while some originate from the M – Z table:. Navicat helps you code fast with Code Completion and customizable Code Snippets by getting suggestions for keywords and stripping the repetition from coding.

You can try it for 14 days completely free of charge for evaluation purposes. Products Support Partners About Us. About Us. Navicat Blog. How to Query across Multiple Databases. Jun 4, by Robert Gravelle With Master-Slave topologies and modern practices such as Database sharding becoming increasingly ubiquitous, database administrators DBAs and developers are working with multiple databases more than ever before.



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